• Our Services & Fees
    ( GST incl. )

  • 15 Mins Discovery Briefing
  • Discovery Meeting ( Fees Will be Deducted from Our Advice Fees )
  • Initial Advice ‐ Preparation & Presentation of Statement of Advice ( SOA )
  • Implementation of Recommendations
  • Insurance Needs
  • Life Style / Family / Assets Protection
  • Liaison with Insurance Provider When Needed
  • Superannuation Strategies
  • Super Related Tax Saving Strategies
  • Access Super to Buy Your First Home (If Applicable)
  • Understand Your Super & Charges
  • Nominated Benefits Distribution
  • Steady Income Stream at Retirement
  • How to Retire Comfortably
  • Financial Projection
  • Investing & Debt Repayment Strategies
  • Debt Related Tax Saving Planning
  • How to Buy Your First Home Faster
  • How to Pay Off My Mortgages Faster
  • How to Fund My Children’s Education
  • How to Make Money with Excess Cashflow
  • How to Invest Professionally
  • Early Retirement
  • Nominated Assets Distribution
  • Financial Projection
  • Other Entities
  • Advice Covering All Entities
  • Core

  • ( Risk & Super )

  • Single / Couple
  • Free / Free
  • $550 / $660
  • $3300 / $5500
  • $1100 / $2200
  • P.O.A
  • Comprehensive

  • ( Risk & Super & Investment )

  • Single / Couple
  • Free / Free
  • $550 / $660
  • $5500 / $8800
  • $1650 / $3300
  • P.O.A
  • Bespoke

  • ( Holistic )

  • Single / Couple
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • Ongoing Care Service
    ( GST Incl. )

  • Resources
  • Unlimited Access to Knowledge Centre
  • Access to Webinars & Newsletters
  • Access to Adviser When You Need
  • Money Management App
  • Property Valuation Estimate Guides Per Year
  • Review
  • Annual Review with Goals Alignment
  • Reporting Frequency
  • Live Reporting
  • Third Party Liaison
  • Liaison with All Professional Advisers incl. Accountant , Broker, Lawyer
  • Self-Planner ( Starter )

  • $99
    Per Month

  • Self-Planner ( Graduate )

  • $165
    Per Month

  • 1
  • Core ( Single / Couple )

  • $275 / $440
    Per Month

  • 2
  • Comprehensive ( Single / Couple )

  • $330 / $485
    Per Month

  • 5
  • Bespoke ( Holistic )

  • P. O. A

  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A
  • P.O.A

Six Things…… You may not know

  1. Superannuation advisory services fees may be paid from super with no out of pocket money
  2. Ongoing fees may be tax deductible
  3. Insurance premium may be tax deductible
  4. Cost effective & time efficient via our internal  Ideas Team as an one stop solution provider
  5. A financial advisor is always required to act in our client’s best interest when making recommendations or financial planning decisions
  6. Size is never a matter ‐ no service (advice) no fees

Financial Advisory

Fee Structures

Note: your superannuation fund can contribute a portion of our advice fee.
  • Holistic Advice Fee (once-off) for young professionals seekings to set financials right - $3,300.
  • Holistic Advice Fee (once-off) for established couples building wealth - $4,950
  • Holistic Advice Fee (once-off) for retirement planning - $4,950
  • Advice Fee (once-off) for insurance review and selection only - $660
  • Ongoing Advice Fee for single professionals - $275 / month (only if you need us)
  • Ongoing Advice Fee for couple- $440 / month (only if you need us)

Our Steps

This is our full financial planning process.
    We will explain the process we will follow, find out your needs and make sure they can meet us.
    You work with us to identify your short and long term financial goals – this stage serves as a foundation for developing your plan.
    We will take a good look at your position – your assets, liabilities, insurance coverage and investment or tax strategies.
    We will recommends suitable strategies, products and services, and answers any questions you have.
    Once you’re ready to go ahead, your financial plan will be put into action. Where appropriate, we may work with specialist professionals, such as an accountant or solicitor.
    Your circumstances, lifestyle and financial goals are likely to change over time, so it’s important that your financial plan is regularly reviewed, to make sure you keep on track.

Planning Ideas

  • When would you need a financial planner?

    • You feel “lost” in planning for your financial future, and you need a roadmap.

    • You just don’t want to deal. When it comes to money, you’re not the DIY type and prefer a professional to take care of it.

    • You like managing your life and money, but realize that your financial plan would benefit from an impartial and unemotional third-party opinion.

    • You want to learn and discover powerful unknowns.
  • How can we make your life better?

    • Putting your money in better use

    • Avoiding paying unnecessary tax

    • Getting insurance for peace of mind

    • Planning the retirement to stay on track

    • Passing your wealth to the beloved ones

    • Leveraging the banks to boost your assets

    • And more

The Details

Risk Only Advice

We rarely provide advice solely in relation to personal insurance, it usually being associated with more comprehensive advice. Where risk only advice is offered we charge a fee of $660 as a cost recovery fee which is only charged if you choose not to implement our advice, or should your policies be canceled within the first 12 months. We still accept insurance commissions as there is an alignment of goals which is different from investment advice. With insurance both the adviser and you benefit by ensuring you have the right cover in place up to an amount that you can afford. We will happily discuss with you a fee for service arrangement rather than the commission in connection with assisting you with your insurance needs, but in our experience removal of the commission from many insurance products does not provide you, the insured with an equivalent saving in the premium.

Why No % Based Fees?

We don’t believe that our advice is valuable to only those with significant assets, nor do we believe that those with large investment balances should necessarily have to pay more for the advice they receive, after all their needs can be quite simple and nothing much might be going on in their financial world. We also don’t believe we should receive a pay rise due to factors outside of our control, like positive market movements. We have been charging a flat dollar fee for our services for many years, long before it became slightly more common amongst our peers. We believe that our fees are fair for the services offered, transparent and clearly set out in advance. We don’t discount our fees for indiviual cases as in our view this would be unfair to those paying the full fee. If you really need our advice, but are unable to afford it, you can present your case to us and we may consider allocating one of the limited pro-bono cases we provide each year for those in special need.

Initial Advice

Our initial advice takes place over a series of meetings. Once you have engaged us to provide you with initial advice (usually at the end of our Getting to Know You Meeting), we will ask for an engagement fee of $660 including GST. This fee will be deducted from our Advice Preparation and Presentation Fee (typically $3,300 including GST), which will be payable upon presentation of our advice. You then have the choice to engage us to provide you with ongoing service, which is offered in accordance with our Core or Watch service offerings detailed above. For more complex cases we will negotiate an ongoing fee in advance with you depending on your particular circumstances.

On Ethics & Conflicts

It’s human nature to exploit situations that provide a better outcome for ourselves. We’ve taken the time to price our services in a way that protects you as a consumer, by removing any linkage between the products we recommend and how we are remunerated. As mentioned above we still accept insurance commissions as there is an alignment of goals which is different from investment advice.

One of our experts will call or email you within 48 hours.

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Here’s a master list of common financial goals that we can help you to achieve.
Are there any goals here that are important to you? Please contact us if you find your goals in the list.

  1. To pay for personal self-improvement (e.g., go back to school, learn a skill)
  2. To experience the excitement of investing
  3. To pay off my mortgage(s)
  4. To start a new business
  5. To buy a house
  6. To help pay for my child’s/children’s education
  7. To stop working and do something I love
  8. To be able to travel
  9. To relocate in retirement
  10. To care for my aging parents
  11. To give to charity or other causes I care about
  12. To be prepared in case of unexpected illnesses or events
  13. To maintain my current lifestyle in retirement
  14. To feel secure about my finances in retirement
  15. To feel secure about my finances now
  16. To leave an inheritance to my loved ones
  17. To retire early
  18. To be better off than my peers
  19. To not be a financial burden to my family as I grow older
  20. To fund aged care
  21. To manage my debt
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