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Investment management is about managing money. This involves measuring portfolio performance by comparing returns to benchmarks, and is about maximising. It provides cash when required and available. Financial advice is about managing people with money. It is about delivering outcomes regardless of performance, and is about optimising. It is about planning in the sense that you can spend consciously with security and comfortably.

Too many people are time-poor and lack the financial expertise and literacy required when formulating a solid, coherent financial plan to achieve their short and long-term goals. For example, too many people reach retirement age to find out they have insufficient funds to support their envisioned lifestyle. Our financial adviser guides you step-by-step in achieving your financial goals – advising you on how to build, manage and protect your wealth.

Unfortunately, it is possible for financial advisors to practice with minimal qualifications – with some operating at even basic training. Panbo Ye, on the other hand, is a financial advisor, SMSF specialist and tax accountant.

We have an extensive and diverse client base, ranging from fresh graduates to highly accomplished executives of public companies. They are often time-poor, and wish for professional guidance in planning out and managing their future financial objectives. We have a proven track record in delivering advice of the highest standard, and our trusted long-term relationships are a testament to our proven success and utmost passion in.

Our decisions on investments are shaped and refined by you, your goals and the necessary features required to achieve them. Planning Ideas is not associated with any banking institution, and we are neither product or investment driven. Our core business is about understanding your wants, values and goals and we recommend products and strategies based on their applicable suitability to you.

To help us gain a deeper understanding of your current financial situation, please bring financial documents such as Super, account balances and income, insurance policies and be prepared to outline your current assets, liabilities and expenses.

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Here’s a master list of common financial goals that we can help you to achieve.
Are there any goals here that are important to you? Please contact us if you find your goals in the list.

  1. To pay for personal self-improvement (e.g., go back to school, learn a skill)
  2. To experience the excitement of investing
  3. To pay off my mortgage(s)
  4. To start a new business
  5. To buy a house
  6. To help pay for my child’s/children’s education
  7. To stop working and do something I love
  8. To be able to travel
  9. To relocate in retirement
  10. To care for my aging parents
  11. To give to charity or other causes I care about
  12. To be prepared in case of unexpected illnesses or events
  13. To maintain my current lifestyle in retirement
  14. To feel secure about my finances in retirement
  15. To feel secure about my finances now
  16. To leave an inheritance to my loved ones
  17. To retire early
  18. To be better off than my peers
  19. To not be a financial burden to my family as I grow older
  20. To fund aged care
  21. To manage my debt
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