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We help you discover powerful unknowns by providing high level investment forecasting services, wealth strategies specialization and step-by-step guidance with the ultimate goal of empowering you to gain better positions.


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Planning Ideas Pty Limited (ABN 68 618 940 533 ) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 1254987) of Alliance Wealth Pty Ltd, ABN 93 161 647 007 | AFSL No. 449221. 


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Our vision is to help people to discover the powerful unknowns, so they can gain better positions. Our philosophy is to achieve an outstanding result with the collaboration of multiple ‘Ideas Firms’.

Fresh Graduates

I’m finalizing my studies now, how do I plan my future?

Starting Out

I am starting to accumulate funds. Where do I go from here?

Building your Wealth

Worrying about mortgages, building a family and solidifying my career - how do I plan accordingly?

Career Maturation

I’m at the peak of my life - What do I do?


How do I wisely look after my retirement plans?

Business Owners

How can I improve my business’ allocation and position?

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Panbo Ye

Planning Ideas Pty Limited (ABN 68 618 940 533 ) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 1254987) of Alliance Wealth Pty Ltd, ABN 93 161 647 007 | AFSL No. 449221. 

Panbo Ye is an Authorised Representative (No. 1254988) of Alliance Wealth Pty Ltd. He has only one goal, to improve your position. Refer to Alliance Wealth FSG

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Financial Planning Sydney

Financial Planning is for everyone. It is much more than simple budgeting, investment strategy or saving. It sets a goal and provides realistic management of your financial affairs just like you go on a course working towards achieving your financial goals.

Australians who engage in professional financial planning report significantly higher levels of financial growth, emotional well-being than those who don’t. Engaging a Financial Planning Service with Planning Ideas will make you feel more on track with your retirement plans and financial goals. 

Planning is all about mastering change reactively or proactively.

Proactive planning is about seeing opportunities, thinking about what is possible. It is important to have a planning model which you can utilize at any time to make important financial decisions. Making decisions would always play a critical part when talking about rapid/dramatic financial growth.

Financial Planners is a type of financial advisors who help companies and/or individuals to create programs to meet long-term financial goals. There is lots of planning you can do to optimize your outcome in the long run. Things like reviewing your superannuation, considering whether  it suits your situation to manage your own superfund or setup a retirement plan even when you’re at your thirtieth. The earlier you start, the less struggle you take to achieve a higher goal.

Annual Financial Checkup is Critical

It is just like a regular health check. Annual Financial Checkup is critical to understand where you are, what opportunities and challenges you are facing and whether you are on the right track.

Planning Ideas have qualified Financial Advisor Review Superannuation, Retirement Planning or Review your company performance, talk about whether it is beneficial to buy insurance, life insurance, health insurance, income protect insurance. Review your planning model with your financial planner annually, check assumptions, make adjustments and build your confidence in the model and its outcome.  Financial clarity is the foundation which leads ultimately to financial freedom.

Why Choose A Financial Advisor from Planning Ideas?

Planning ideas financial advisors are CA qualified professionals. Because we are not only qualified doing what we do, we also care about what we do. We serve both individuals as well as companies in all sizes. So if you have a family business which involves a few families, we are experienced to serve you. Our planners can look at your financial situation in a whole picture and provide necessary guidance to you or your business. So you can benefit from having a professional financial planner.

Are You Nearing Retirement?

People are on average living longer, healthier and have more choice to enjoy, so build a retirement plan which suits your situation matters. Come and talk to us about your retirement plan. Because we are good at what we do, so you can take the benefit of our intensive retirement plan experiences.


Here’s a master list of common financial goals that we can help you to achieve.
Are there any goals here that are important to you? Please contact us if you find your goals in the list.

  1. To pay for personal self-improvement (e.g., go back to school, learn a skill)
  2. To experience the excitement of investing
  3. To pay off my mortgage(s)
  4. To start a new business
  5. To buy a house
  6. To help pay for my child’s/children’s education
  7. To stop working and do something I love
  8. To be able to travel
  9. To relocate in retirement
  10. To care for my aging parents
  11. To give to charity or other causes I care about
  12. To be prepared in case of unexpected illnesses or events
  13. To maintain my current lifestyle in retirement
  14. To feel secure about my finances in retirement
  15. To feel secure about my finances now
  16. To leave an inheritance to my loved ones
  17. To retire early
  18. To be better off than my peers
  19. To not be a financial burden to my family as I grow older
  20. To fund aged care
  21. To manage my debt
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